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About Helene

I grew up spending much of my time wandering libraries.

Each week my mother would take my brother and I, and allow us our library-mandated allotted books for that week.

There was something magical about the card catalog, to me, it felt like the key to the library. I could browse topics I had an interest in and read the summary provided. Below the summary were other categories – or keywords. Through this I would dive deeper and deeper into whatever my obsession was that week.

What I didn’t realize is that through this I was gaining an understanding of how humans categorize the world and how various topics or disciplines connect to others.

Today, Google is the card catalog of the internet.

This card catalog is vast and ever growing so you definitely do not want to be left behind. Over 75% of people never visit the second page of Google results.

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with More than 10 years of professional experience working as a consultant for brands, non-profits, and government projects providing services within data management, digitalization, digital marketing and growth, resource management, and research. My international experiences spans the US, Italy, the UK, and Slovenia. 


Content Strategy

Focus on what really matters in your business while I carry out your vision through a digital marketing strategy customized for your business.


SEO consulting

From 5 pages to 5000, from beginner to advanced, seo consulting is adapted to your capacity and vision. no copy and paste strategies here.



My academic training specialty. high quality mixed research methods training and experience. currently obsessed with creating meaningful seo and marketing reports for smarter strategies.


marketing reports

custom seo and digital marketing campaign reports and live dashboards (via Looker studio) perfect for tracking all of your KPIs, okrs, and bbqs.

ongoing projects


European travel, food, and culture from the perspective of a wandering anthropologist.


Creative content marketing and search agency working with emerging international brands.


Content marketing podcast with new episodes every Wednesday.