April Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Another month of content marketing! April is a bit limited with holidays, but there are still some excellent opportunities to create some engaging content for your readers.

Small businesses have a unique opportunity to connect with their customers on a very local level. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on local trends, events, festivals, or culture when creating content for your business.

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April Content Marketing Ideas

The days are now getting longer, the sun is shining, and everything is growing. Embrace better moods which bring open wallets and let your customers know that you still exist.

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April Fools (April 1st)

April Fools is a very delicate holiday to use for content marketing, but if you have a great idea it can cause your business to go viral. On the other hand, it can go very wrong. Be mindful about context, misleading customers, or hurting others.

Here are some really easy content pieces or marketing campaigns you can use for April Fools.

  • Launch a new fake product to drive awareness and traffic to your site.
  • Send a newsletter sharing April Fools fails or wins in your industry
  • Offer an insane April Fools coupon or discount that is valid just for 24 hours. The wilder the deal the more unbelievable!

Easter (April 4th)

Easter is just as consumer-friendly as any other holiday. Billions of dollars are spent on Easter between decorations, eggs, and candy! This means there are countless opportunities for many businesses to get involved.

  • Online shops or fashion blogs can share their Easter best. Show off those Sunday hats, Easter-inspired nails, and don’t forget to include your products or affiliate links.
  • Share creative Easter baskets ideas with your audience. Think: local, DIY, ethically sourced, themed, luxury, etc.
  • Hide plastic Easter eggs around town with a prize hidden inside. It can be as simple as a coupon for the person who finds the egg.
  • Suggest some new or old classic recipes for your audience’s Easter meal.
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Earth Day (April 22nd)

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place across the globe in support of environmental protections and honoring the Earth. Last year, over 100 million people participated in a day of action. With growing concerns about climate change and its effects on the environment, this is the perfect opportunity to show how your business is tackling the issue.

  • Brag about your sustainability efforts with your audience. This can be how much water saved, emissions reduced, or using only local products.
  • Organize a local community clean-up.
  • Raise money to plant trees in your community
  • Share on your website which UN Sustainable Development Goals your company is focused on.
  • Run a workshop teaching people to grow their own food

Last Freeze (varies on location)

In March’s post about content marketing ideas, I listed gardening because many people begin planting their seedlings and preparing their gardens during this time. In April, it is common to begin planting outside and doing more yard work.

This is a great opportunity for any business in gardening, lawn care, yard decor, landscaping, homesteading, or pool care!

  • Offer a spring cleaning and landscaping package.
  • Create a gardening guide that corresponds to your products and gives helpful into to your customers.

Wedding Season (approaching)

Did you know that 73% of all weddings take place between May and October? This means wedding season will begin next month! Create some last-minute deals for May weddings or prepare special wedding deals for the coming months.

  • Share the latest hair, makeup, and nail inspiration for wedding season
  • Online shops can start featuring dresses for the wedding season
  • Offer special deals on wedding invites, favors, decorations
  • Create the perfect gift guide for modern couples

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