February Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Whether you are a blogger, service provider, shop owner, or run an eCommerce it is important to tap into seasonal content. With February approaching there are few upcoming holidays and life events to capitalize on. Below you will find some February content ideas for your business.

Not everything needs to be a blog post these days. These content ideas can be used through newsletters, Instagram Stories, or even through TikTok. Do be mindful of how content is consumed on each platform to match user intent. A simple copy-paste of a piece of content across the board is not an effective strategy.

February Content Ideas

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Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th)

Super Bowl Sunday is the single largest event in the US every year. Over 10 million people tuned in on Super Bowl Sunday in 2020. While you probably don’t have the budget to advertise during the event there are other methods.

If you are a restaurant and want to expand sales beyond who watches the game at your place then offer a special game day takeout special. This is perfect for appetizer platters and finger foods.

If you have a cleaning service then you can offer a discount on the week of February 7th for post-party cleanup. To make it more dynamic there can be a special discount if the local team wins.

  • Offer game day food packages for home parties
  • Cleaning discounts before or after the party
  • Create a a Super Bowl drinking game (share through social media!)
  • Share team-inspired beauty, fashion, and nail designs
  • Make a list of game day recipes (include your recipes or products)

Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is part of life. As a business owner, it is a great time to consider what you can offer during this time of the year. Valentine’s is not just for chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals. Give your customers a selling point to spoil their loved ones. Share your unique gift ideas or services.

An example would be if you sell locally sourced beef and you create a special deal for the 14th. Two prime cuts that include specific instructions for a romantic (and safe!) meal at home. The offer can be expanded to include an entire meal package sent to customers the day before.

It is also useful to create a gift guide or date night ideas that include your products or services. But don’t forget that Valentine’s day does not have to be all about relationships and love. It is also an opportunity to target the single population through solidarity of the single life.

  • Offer a date night package (dinner, movie, wine, etc.)
  • Create a gift guide (choose a niche for better conversions!)
  • Create a list of date night ideas (don’t forget to include your business.)
  • Create a viral V-day related meme or piece of relatable content (builds brand awareness)
  • Offer inspiration for Valentine’s themed nails, makeup, and fashion
  • Valentine’s Day crafts for children
  • Recipes for homemade chocolate or romantic homemade meals
  • Make digital V-day cards or tutorial for homemade ones
  • Create a couple’s workout or physical challenge
  • Create a lookbook of date night outfit ideas


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Shrove Tuesday aka Carnival (February 16)

While Shrove Tuesday is technically a Christian holiday it is widely celebrated across the Americas and Europe by religious and non. Shrove Tuesday or Carnival is a celebration that takes place before Lent. It is a time when many people take the streets for parades, dress up in scary or beautiful costumes (depending on the country), and eat all of the sweets.

Be mindful of your target audience and how they typically choose to participate in Shrovetide. Some cultures take it more solemnly while others let loose.

  • Share your local traditions in a blog post (informative)
  • Share traditional recipes for pancakes, donuts, and other sweets
  • Promote or sell Carnival themed clothing
  • Create a Carnival themed drink (include your product or serve it at your bar)
  • Create and share a party playlist (include your music or artists you represent)
  • Create a collective pledge for Lent (can include a countdown to Easter)
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Spring Preparations

Spring is around the corner and now it is time for planning. Some people will be preparing for their Spring plans, whether it is for Spring Break, St Patrick’s Day, or just warmer weather and a chance of sunshine.

Get eyes on your content early as potential customers are in the planning and inspiration phase of their buying cycle. Also, Pinterest Pins need to be pinned weeks in advance to show up in the feed at the appropriate time.

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  • Create and share a Spring fashion lookbook with your products
  • Share St. Patrick’s Day crafts, recipes, or activities for families
  • Garden inspiration and prep guides
  • Offer spring cleaning specials (perfect for organization products, cleaning services, all-natural cleaners, etc)
  • Tease your upcoming Spring-inspired menu or offerings (build curiosity)

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Content Marketing Ideas for February