March Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Another month, another batch of content marketing ideas but this time for March! Significant holidays and celebrations are a great way to connect with your audience. It shows you have something in common.

Use this opportunity to show your support for your customers. Offer them solutions to problems, entertainment, a purpose, or an escape. Below you will find a range of content marketing ideas to capitalize on.

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March Content Ideas

March is a very busy month and a great opportunity for businesses after the quiet spending of January and February. On top of the holidays and events listed below March is also Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day (March 8th), and Daylight Savings Time.

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St Patrick’s Day (March 17th)

In a typical year, more than half of Americans would plan to take part in St Patrick’s Day celebrations and spend over $5 billion doing so. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row most celebrations and parades have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread some luck and cheer.

Here are some ideas to get your audience in the celebration mood:

  • Restaurants can create an authentic Irish meal for home delivery.
  • Create a St Patrick’s Day wishlist or gift guide including your products.
  • Create an Irish beer guide (add a drinking game as a bonus!).
  • Share a playlist full of Irish music, movies, or other media to share with your audience.
  • Share tutorials for crafts for kids that they can do at home

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First Day of Spring (March 20th)

I know winter isn’t longer than the other seasons, but it certainly feels like it. For many, this is the time of the year our mood is improved, we have more energy, and most importantly, motivation. The increased hours of sunlight is a blessing for those hidden under gray skies for months.

Many companies leverage the first day of spring to encourage customers to get outside and enjoy the season (and sunshine). Dairy Queen famously offers a free small vanilla cone on the first day of spring. Which is a great way to remind your customers that you are still here and now is the time for their product.

  • Host a nature walk with a guide for the community.
  • Write up an article about spring traditions (local or afar)
  • Offer a spring makeover special (great for salons)
  • Promote spring cleaning and home organization products
  • Special gym membership discounts to get summer ready


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For the Northern Hemisphere the last frost date come sometime in April but for many avid gardeners they are already preparing. Seeds can be planted indoors in February and March before being transplanted outside.

Household gardens are a growing trend that spans many demographics. In the US, the industry is expected to hit $25.94 Billion by 2027. There was a noticable rise in interest in gardening in 2020 when many people were confined to their homes.

  • Create a round-up post with garden layout inspiration
  • Create garden friendly guides for beginners
  • Offer a gardening workshop to encourage people to grow their own food
  • Offer solutions for small space gardens and urban gardens
  • Create a community goal of growing a certain amount of plants for the year with a celebration if reached

Spring Cleaning

The backbreaking, knee destroying, dust-filled event of spring cleaning is approaching. Spring cleaning, for those who are fortunate enough to never do it, is a deep clean of your house (and windows!) typically done in March and April.

Another aspect to spring cleaning is home organization. It is the perfect time to reorganize that closet, fix your kitchen shelves, and finally clear out the mess in the garage.

  • Offer a special on cleaning supplies (create a cleaning bundle special)
  • Offer a special price for professional cleaning services (especially windows)
  • Share home organization ideas while featuring your products
  • Create and share spring cleaning fails or memes with your audience


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Preparations for April

Before you know it we will be in April. Here are some upcoming events to keep in mind and to begin pinning in Pinterest.

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  • April 1st – April Fools
  • April 4th – Easter
  • April 22nd – Earth Day

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Content Marketing Ideas for March