May Content Ideas for Small Businesses

A new month brings new content ideas. If your business and customer are based in the US then there are a lot of great opportunities this month. For other countries, use this time to get creative or prepare for your summer marketing campaign.

The point of these articles is to get the creative juices flowing. Content marketing is not just about the conversions (even though it is a great part) but also about engaging your audience and hitting different points of their customer journey.

I encourage everyone to check out other calendars that include niche holidays like National Hoagie Day (May 5th) or National Apple Pie Day (May 13th) which are great ways to engage your audience. You don’t need to create an entire marketing campaign, but even something small such as encouraging your audience to post a photo with a branded hashtag is perfect for engagement.

If you are looking for a custom strategy for your business then feel free to schedule a call to see what we can do for you.

May Content Marketing Ideas

The days are officially long, the sun is warming up, and trees are in full bloom. Embrace the energy and excitement of May to show your audience that you are on the same page.

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May Day or International Worker’s Day – UK + Europe (May 1st)

May Day is a public holiday celebrated in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, and Asia and is more commonly known as International Workers’ Day (or Labour Day). It is a celebration of workers and laborers.

Labour Day also acts as an unofficial start to summer and is often a day off from work. Here are a few ideas you can use to celebrate:

  • Worker Appreciation. Show your workers you care, showcase them on social media, offer additional support or bonuses
  • Offer long-weekend getaway specials for people looking for a mini holiday
  • Create an Everything you need BBQ pack which can also be utilized throughout the summer. Perfect for restaurants or caterers.

Mother’s Day – US (May 9th)

Mother’s Day falls on different days in different countries. In the UK, it is in March, but in the US it is May 9th. There are so many ways to create content for this celebration that will not only bring you sales but also bring the family together.

  • Create unique gift guides for all types of Moms (include your product or service)
  • Prepare a Mother’s Day Meal recipe post (promote your ingredients or products)
  • Offer a deal for Mom and Children activities (family dance class, workout session, wine tasting)

Memorial Day – US (May 31st)

Photo by Tanner Ross on Unsplash

Since the US celebrates their Labor Day at the end of Summer they have a different holiday to mark the start, Memorial Day. A federal holiday in the US to honor military personnel who have died in the line of duty, but it is also the unofficial first day of summer. Typically people visit cemeteries or memorials to honor those who have passed and attend family or local picnics.

As you can see those are two drastically different experiences in the same day for many Americans. Don’t mix the two in one piece and be mindful of who your audience is and how you engage with them.

  • Offer deals on flowers or cemetery arrangements specifically designed for fallen soldiers
  • Create and sell a Kick off summer package (picnic box, outdoor games, seasonal craft beer, etc) with your products included.
  • Create a guide on how to be safe when cooking outside (food safety)

University Graduation – US

University graduations in the US take place in May. High School Seniors are also preparing to graduate in June so if your company is working in this industry get a head start on advertising for graduation gifts, party services, rentals, etc.

  • Offer discounts for recent graduates (interview clothes, home decor, travel)
  • Create a guide to planning the best Graduation Party (add a checklist and list of resources including your business)
  • Offer Graduation Party deals. Perfect for caterers, rental services (tents, chairs, tables), DJs, and photographers

Summer Approaching

You probably don’t need reminding that summer is approaching but you will thank me later. Start preparing your plans for your summer content strategy so you are ready to go in June. If you are utilizing Pinterest you should already be pinning summer content 2-3 months prior.

Ecommerce stores that have or focus on summer offerings should already have a campaign in place. Focus your specials on backyard decor and furniture, gardening supplies, pool services, summer clothing, outdoor activity equipment, and everything grilling.

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May Content Ideas for Small Businesses